Hello and thank you for using the enriched logbook website! Though not necessary to understand the logbook itself, we find it helps give depth to the book and the history of the robot and makes it much more interactive. If you are using a phone and scanning the QR codes, they will open directly to the corresponding page of the website. If not, the corresponding page of the website will be listed underneath the QR code and you can simply click along to the different pages or enter the URLs.

Now, some introduction to the team itself:

UTAH was started during In Change up (2020) in august by Jonathan Krumenacher

It was continued throughout the year, though in-person events were scarce due to covid

UTAH team members put in hundreds of hours in volunteering for IQ and VRC events throughout utah this year

The UTAH VEXU team derives from multiple different universities, including USU, U of U, and Weber state