Bear River Tournament


Match Schedule and Rankings:

  • We started out on the first match of the day, which was stressful, but nice to get over with.

  • We had quite a bit of time before match 11, so we ran our first driver skills run.

  • We lost our first match of the day on qualifier 16, against two of our sister teams.

  • At match 21, we were paired with our sister team, 2131z, and won.

  • We narrowly lost match 25 to bear river's E team.

  • We were surprised by winning match 31, as our teammate couldn't move.

  • 8184x was the fastest team in Q37, and our teammate broke down mid-match

  • We paired with 2131R for finals, but were eliminated in quarterfinals.


Total: 125

Driving: 106

Skills Ranking: 6th


Our team: Design Award

Other Davis Teams: 2131Z-tournament finalist